Gynecology/Urology Drape Packs

Medline's gynaecology/ urology drape packs offers handy features that help make the clinician’s job easier. Our fluid pouches feature handy tabs on the adhesive liner that make removal easy. Capped, closable ports eliminate the need to cut or pierce the pouch for drainage, improving fluid control and reducing setup times.

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Antistatic present
  1. Yes (10) items
Absorbent zone included
  1. No (1) item
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Colour of surgical drape
  1. Blue (9) items
Absorption configuration of the drape
  1. Full Drape (4) items
  2. Reinforced Area (5) items
Alcohol repellent material
  1. Level 8 (6) items
Single use
  1. Yes (9) items