Polyisoprene Surgical Gloves

Medline offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves. Synthetic polyisoprene is a man-made material that has a molecular structure similar to natural rubber latex, offering the fit, feel, comfort, and performance that surgeons have come to expect from traditional latex gloves. Choose from standard, micro, and orthopaedic thickness options, smooth or textured grip, and emollient-coated and underglove options.

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Material thickness at palm
  1. 0,23mm (1) item
  2. >0,30mm (1) item
Allergenic potential
  1. Latex Free (2) items
EN455 Tested
  1. Yes (2) items
Method of interior coating
  1. Polymer Coating (2) items
ASTM F 1671 Viral Penetration test report
  1. Yes (2) items
Surface finish
  1. Smooth (2) items
Interior coating
  1. Yes (2) items
Suitable for food contact
  1. No (2) items
Anatomical fit
  1. Yes (2) items
Qualified as personal protective equipment
  1. Yes (2) items