Operating Theatre Table Kits

Medline’s QuickSuite® OR Table Kits contain an assortment of disposable components used before a procedure to set-up the OR Table and after the procedure to rapidly clear it for the next case. QuickSuite® helps you conquer some of your largest OR challenges by helping you to: Boost Efficiency QuickSuite® OR Table Kits contain everything you need to set up the OR Table for the next procedure quickly and efficiently.<br />Promote Safety QuickSuite® items are single use and discarded after the procedure, reducing the risk of cross contamination. With the QuickSuite® you get a collection of products, including our Sahara Super Absorbent OR Table Sheet - that work together to keep the patient dry and comfortable. The Impervious layer of our Sahara sheet protects the OR table pads since it prevents liquids from touching it.<br />Lower Costs The different QuickSuite® kits have everything you need for setting up the OR table, which helps you to eliminate laundering costs as well as replacement costs for linens and OR table pads

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